On the Future of Diablo Canyon

We have a wonderful mentor and friend who often reminds us that "everything will be alright in the end. If it's not alright yet, it's not the end yet." 

This morning's message from PG&E leadership on the future of Diablo Canyon was that they will not pursue the relicensing of Diablo Canyon, stating that "much of Diablo's baseload energy output will not be needed past 2025." It is hard for us to imagine a scenario where this is true, and perhaps it depends on the definition of what "need" means. 

For many of us who are deeply concerned about the health of our planet and prosperity of its people, "need" means reliable, clean, around-the-clock energy to power our lives. "Need" means eliminating greenhouse gas emitting energy sources, not replacing one clean air source for another. Transitioning down the energy ladder from nuclear to renewables with fossil fuel backup is a step in the wrong direction for our planet. We will continue to advocate for the continued operation of Diablo Canyon and other existing nuclear plants. Our planet, our children deserve nothing less. 

PG&E's announcement will bring necessary attention to California's energy future and this enormous loss of clean energy. This attention can be used to drive meaningful policy changes that adequately reward nuclear for its reliability, safety and enormous amount of carbon-free energy. We must help drive these changes, before it's truly too late. 

If you've been watching this unfold from the sidelines, now is the time to step onto the field. Join us on the March for Environmental Hope, let's raise our voices together. Anti-nuclear and political groups need to hear that we won't appease their backwards energy ideology at the expense of top-performing clean air energy resources. There is NO DEAL. 

It's not alright yet. And that just means that it's not the end yet. 


Kristin and Heather