Mothers for Nuclear Interviewed for EE News's CLIMATEWIRE

Excerpt: "In January, Shellenberger co­signed a letter to California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) making the case to keep Diablo Canyon. James Hansen, a former NASA climate scientist who made a similar jump from research to climate activism, also co­signed the letter and has joined Shellenberger in many engagements laying out the case for nuclear energy.

"Shellenberger is also organizing activists to defend Diablo Canyon. "We're talking a lot about Gandhi," he said. "You don't just write letters; you gotta march." 

One group, Mothers for Nuclear, has taken this to heart. On June 24, organizers plan to march with their families almost 100 miles from Sausalito, Calif., to the state capital, Sacramento, to attend a California State Lands Commission meeting that could decide the fate of Diablo Canyon. "I felt for many years now that working there and being able to generate greenhouse gas­free electricity, that felt like my contribution to humankind," said Heather Matteson, a co­founder of Mothers for Nuclear and a veteran employee at Diablo Canyon. "

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